There’s no question that Nas’s 'Illmatic' was an influential album in hip-hop. Rap blog NahRight and the fantastic curated Tumblr UpNorthTrips teamed up to create a mixtape celebrating the LP's 20th anniversary.

The mixtape features 10 New York-based rhymers, most of whom were babies when 'Illmatic' was first released, spit street-oriented freestyles over the album's instrumentals. Big Apple rappers Troy Ave, Bodega Bamz, Smoke DZA, YC the Cynic, the Incomparable Shakespeare, Mr. Muthaf--kin eXquire and others make noteworthy contributions to the collection.

Some of the standout tracks include Smoke DZA rapping tough-minded lyrics over 'Halftime,' while Bodega Bamz details his 'hood struggle on 'Represent.' On 'One Love,' Troy Ave details a story of a caper that lands one of his homies in the bing.

The tape ends with the Incomparable Shakespeare spitting reflective verses on the 'The World Is Yours (Tip Mix).'

Props to NahRight for showcasing different artists from the five boroughs, some of which have appeared on our Top 10 list of New York Rappers to Watch in 2014. Although it would have been nice to have a female rapper on the mixtape, like Nitty Scott, MC, Jean Grae or maybe even Dynasty. We are just saying.

Nevertheless, the NahRight x UpNorthTrips #Illmatic20 tribute mixtape is truly illmatic.

Listen to Nah Right x UpNorthTrips' 'Illmatic' 20th Anniversary Tribute Mixtape