Sometimes it pays to be surfing the Web rather than working. The BoomBox was messing around this morning and we just happened to find the first official hit of summer, the final version of N.E.R.D.'s long-awaited new single, 'Hot n Fun,' featuring Nelly Furtado on vocals.

Built to pump in the clubs with a self-described "hypnotizing bass-line" and a heavy electro feel, the song has much higher aspirations. "This is stadium music, 50,000 at a time," N.E.R.D. proclaim on the breathy and sultry chorus of 'Hot n Fun.'

"It's a new day, people don't want to think no more. They just wanna feel, they wanna let go," N.E.R.D. sing. And Pharrell Williams, as always, knows exactly how to give the what the people want they want right now.

Check out the new song after the jump.

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