Papa's got a brand new bag in the form of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. The dynamic duo brought the funk to 'Saturday Night Live' over the weekend and introduced Mystikal during an energetic set of 'Feel Right.'

Ronson, who is promoting his upcoming album 'Uptown Special,' performed his new single 'Uptown Funk' with Mars on lead vocals. Behind a backdrop that looks like a '70s discotheque, the talented crooner, along with his four backup singers, turned the stage into one big dance party.

For their second set, Ronson and Mars kicked it up a notch and brought out New Orleans rapper Mystikal. The former Cash Money Records artist hasn't released an album since 2001's 'Tarantula.' And honestly, he hasn't been onstage performing since he was released from prison back in 2012. The legendary rhymer is infamous for his energetic stage performance and he didn't disappoint on 'SNL.'

With Mars and his singers backing him up, Mystikal figuratively lit the stage on fire with his fancy footwork and lyrical threats of "funking you up." The entire spectacle is reminiscent of the late James Brown performing with the JB's.

Props to Mystikal, Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. Watch the video above of their fantastic performance.

Watch Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars Perform 'Uptown Funk' on 'Saturday Night Live'