MTV is once again counting down the "Hottest MCs in the Game," and when it came time to consider No. 10, Wale, the network enlisted the help of our very own BoomBox editor, Georgette Cline. Our intrepid leader knows her hip-hop, and in the clip below, she holds forth on why Wale is worthy of the list.

"He proved that he was resilient," Georgette says, praising the D.C. MC for weathering his split with Interscope and releasing 'Ambition,' the aptly titled chart-topping sophomore disc he dropped in November 2011. 'He came back. He stayed true to his lyrical content."

Cline cited 'Lotus Flower Bomb' as one of the rapper's key tracks, since it's an anthem for both sexes.

"That was an awesome song for women, but I knew dudes were singing that, too," she says.

Bringing guys and girls together is one thing, but the true test for any rapper is keeping it real. In this department, Cline says, Wale once again makes the grade.

"He wasn't forgetting his hometown," Cline says. "The D.C. area, the people, the streets that showed him support."

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