Over the weekend, the blogoshere blew up with the news that MTV had banned Kanye West's 'Monster' video for its degrading portrayal of women in the clip. Today, MTV reached out to The BoomBox in an effort to clear the rumors. Turns out that "banned" is too harsh of a statement on the subject.

"MTV has not banned Kanye West's 'Monster' video," a MTV spokesperson told The BoomBox. "We have been in constant communication with the label regarding this matter. However, we are still awaiting the edits we requested in order for the video to be suitable for broadcast."

Watch Kanye's 'Monster' Trailer

The 'Monster' video leaked in December. In the clip, hip-hop A-listers Rick Ross, Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj are seen rapping next to slain female bodies dressed in lingerie. The video caused an uproar and started a petition at Change.org with almost 2000 signatures at press time because it sends "the message that women as lifeless and passive objects are sexually appealing."

No word on how West will clean up the 'Monster' video, but two versions are always better than one.

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