Courtesy of UME

Motown songwriter Deke Richards, who penned hits like the Jackson 5's "ABC" and "I Want You Back" with production team the Corporation, has died of esophageal cancer. He was 68. [RollingStone]

Today is also the 18th anniversary of Eazy-E's death. Check out a documentary that just dropped about his life, and pay respect to a G. [YouTube]

Soulja Boy's fans have scolded him for continuing to post sizzurp photos on Instagram, in the wake of Lil Wayne's alleged syrup-related health care. [VladTV]

This is a video of up-and-comer Chance the Rapper's stay in Mexico, where he did acid and shot a video about it. Looks fun. [YouTube]

This, on the other hand, is a video for "Hello," a new song by Will Smith's son, Jaden Smith. [Complex]

Check out street artist Jay Shells' new project, coupling rap lyric-laden signs with the geographical locations that inspired them. Pretty ill. [YouTube]