Miguel didn’t win any trophies at the 2014 Grammy Awards but he was certainly holding on to something more precious -- his girlfriend’s butt! The 'How Many Drinks?' crooner was busted rubbing on his boo’s derriere like it was Aladdin’s lamp. And it was all caught on camera!

In an Instagram video, Miguel is shown doing an interview with 'Entertainment Tonight’ but behind the scenes (see what we did there), he was rubbing vigorously on his girlfriend Nazanin Mandi’s booty. Oh behave, Miguel.

Clearly Mandi didn’t mind because she posted the 15-second clip for her followers to see.

"This is what goes on during an interview w/ @etonline," she wrote. "My baby a freak & I love it @miguelunlimited !!Thank you @darlabeezreal for capturing this honest moment."

And we thank her, too.

It’s no secret that Miguel loves Mandi. The singer’s Grammy-winning song 'Adorn' was inspired by her, so it’s really touching to see this kind of PDA out in the open.

Miguel may have not been a winner at the Grammys, but he surely won the Best Freak of the Night award. And we're not mad at him.