As a singer/songwriter Miguel has long been involved in both aspects of creating music, but for his two upcoming singles, he's looking to raise the bar.

Fresh off the stellar success of 'Sure Thing,' which hit the top spot on the Billboard R&B singles chart, the Los Angeles native will drop two singles 'Quickie' and 'Girls Like You,' and plans on being fully involved in the visual aspect of the music.

"For those who know what 'Quickie' is all about, trust me, you have a lot to look forward to in the video," Miguel told the BoomBox of the video which was shot in Los Angeles on Monday (June 27.)

"I've actually taken a really hands on approach to it," Miguel says of filming the video. "I wrote the treatment for 'Quickie.' I've been involved in the cinematography, the casting. I literally just left a meeting with the director. I'm hands on with it and not only is it a special video because it's a special song to me, but it's a two-part video -- it's 'Quickie' and 'Girls Like You' -- so it's just a great contrast. I think it's going to be a standout art piece for me."

After releasing his debut 'All I Want Is You' last year, numerous opportunities have arisen for the 24-year-old. Aside from touring with Usher and Mary J. Blige in the past, he has no plans of slowing down and will continue to hit the road throughout the rest of the year.

Watch Miguel's 'Sure Thing'
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