On Friday, Oct. 20, Miguel headlined the #SchoolsNotPrisons concert at Adelanto Stadium in Adelanto, California.

The free show intended to raise awareness about the push to close all immigrant prisons and demand the fair treatment of immigrants awaiting decisions on their ability to stay in the United States. Among the songs Miguel performed was a new track called "Now" off his upcoming album, War & Leisure.

“In Adelanto immigrant prison, 33people have died in the last 7 months, and 6 people have attempted suicide since December 2016,” a Change.org petition about the cause reads, as reported by HipHopDX. “Dozens of us have gone on hunger strikes to try and change things. In order to end the abuse, we must first call them prisons and then close them. Starting with Adelanto.”

Eddy Zheng, who was detained while awaiting his deportation proceedings, spoke at a news conference held before the concert.

“Call it what it is, immigrant detention centers are prisons!” Zheng told the crowd. “They are inhumane prisons, and it’s time we change the language around that. We can’t allow the system to change the language for us, calling us good immigrants or bad immigrants; we’re all citizens of this earth and we need to recognize the humanity in each other. It is up to us to create that change.”

Previous #SchoolsNotPrisons concerts have included performances from Pusha T, John Forte and others.

Check out a clip of Miguel's performance below.

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