Being a freshman on the music scene is no easy task, but singer Miguel has successfully navigated his way through, releasing his debut album 'All I Want Is You,' and now he's looking to expand his talents into fashion.

An equal part of his popularity, which skyrocketed after the single 'Sure Thing' topped the Billboard R&B charts, has been Miguel's eclectic style of dress. Bending the lines between masculine and feminine clothing options, the Los Angeles native would rather rock skinny pants then baggy jeans, and admittedly uses his clothing as another artistic outlet.

"I'm designing," he tells The BoomBox. "I'm a creative person, so be it music, photography and so-forth, I'm always creating. So I'm definitely working on some stuff that resonates with and speaks to the taste of an electric mind."

The unnamed clothing line, which is still in its beginning stages, will add another project to Miguel's already hectic schedule. In the past 12 months the 24-year-old has opened for Usher and Mary J. Blige, and will continue to hit the stage until the year's end, while simultaneously putting together music for his sophomore release.

"The next album I think is going to project more of my outlook on the world as opposed to my romantic experience," he explains of the album, which has no title or projected release date as of yet. "On 'All I Want is You,' I discussed my experience in my last three or four relationships. It was a great way to introduce myself because I think love brings us all together. But I think it's a lot more that I can discuss and this album is going to definitely be that platform to really broaden the minds of fans."

Watch Miguel's 'Quickie'

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