Ever since this year's BET Awards pre-show, the feud between Joe Budden and Migos has been continued to brew.

And just when we all thought it had been resolved, after everyone finally agreed that Takeoff was not left off "Bad and Boujee," Migos reignited the fire recently by dissing Budden on their new song, "Ice Tray."

Quavo dropped a snippet of the diss track over the weekend. "If a n---a hating, call him Joe Budden (pussy)," Migos rap on the song.

In a single tweet, Budden responded to the snippet, "@QuavoStuntin i am your OG & you will respect me as such."

However, it seems that Migos was just getting things started with the diss track. They have taken the feud a step further by hosting a casting call to have a look-alike version of the entire cast of Everyday Struggle, which includes hosts, DJ Akademiks, Nadeska Alexis, and Joe Budden. Photos of the hired look-alikes were leaked, and you can see the Everyday Struggle show title has been turned into "Old Rappers Struggling."

The Everyday Struggle hosts have taken the look-alike version of themselves and the diss record and made it fun. They've aired the look-alike pictures on their show, and even tweeted out photos and actual video of the look-alike's onset at the taping for Migos's "Ice Tray" video.

Check out the tweets and video below.

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