Michel’le is not finished telling her side the story just yet. Following the premiere of her Lifetime movie, Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le, the R&B singer revealed that she’s writing a memoir about her relationship with Dr. Dre and Suge Knight.

According to The Grio, when a fan on Twitter suggested that Michel’le write a book to fill in the gaps that the television movie left out, the singer replied, “It’s coming.”

Since its premiere this past weekend, Michel’le’s TV movie generated mixed reactions about the story line and Dr. Dre.

"Dr Dre is a deadbeat dad and woman beater and people still buy beats by Dre. Give "beats" a whole new meaning," wrote one fan.

Meanwhile, Alonzo Williams, a West Coast hip-hop pioneer and the one who discovered Michel'le, said that Surviving Compton is full of inaccuracies. He also felt that Dre was portrayed rather negatively in the movie.

“In the movie, it looked like Dre gave Ike Turner lessons on whupping women,” he said. “I’ve never seen that part of Dre. The Dre that hung around me was a crazy, fun-lovin’ [and] always playing a practical joke.”

Dre and Suge Knight threatened to sue Lifetime and other parties if the movie showed them as women beaters. Leslie Greif, who executive produced the film, confirmed that a cease-and-desist order was sent to Sony, who backed Michel'le's project, but they went ahead with the movie anyway.

“I heard Sony said they vetted the film and stand by it, and will not allow Michel’le’s voice to be silenced," Greif said. "These are not new stories. Dr. Dre and Suge Knight have not seen the film to my knowledge, and are presupposing what they did and how it might make them appear on screen.”

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