Even after Dr. Dre threatened to take Sony and Michel'le to court over her controversial biopic titled Surviving Compton, it appears that the show will go on.

After delivering the Lifetime trailer highlighting Dr. Dre's abusive nature, Michel'le and Lifetime remain adamant in her stance and will not remove nor soften any of the scenes featuring her former beau in her upcoming biopic.

"I allowed him to portray himself in his story the way he wanted to portray himself and he allowed me the opportunity to portray myself in my story. And I think my truth will stand when we get into court if we do," Michel'le tells TMZ Live. 

"We never were not going to tell the truth in this movie," says Michel'le when asked whether she considered deleting Dre's abusive scenes from the flick. "We did allow him to have his attorney put that little I guess disclaimer of sorts on there saying Dre disputes any and all of my allegations that I was ever hit. What doesn't make sense to me is how can he apologize a year or so ago and then now say that it never happened? I'm confused."

As we inch closer to the movie date, we can only imagine how uglier things will get moving forward. The biopic will premiere this Saturday Oct. 15 at 8 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

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