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Method Man and Redman’s 2001 stoner comedy How High will finally get a sequel. Rap industry veteran Matt “M-80” Markoff told HipHopDX that he will be shopping the movie script to studio executives really soon.

The sequel, titled Too High, has been in talks since forever, but Markoff showed off the script during DXLive segment on Facebook you can watch above.

“Hopefully the world will get to see a so-called How High 2 as evident by this script here,” M-80 says as he holds up a copy of the screenplay signed by Meth and Red. “My job is to go out and get all the monies because I’m really good at that.”

How High 2 has been in development hell for several years. Back in 2013, Meth urged fans to launch a petition to help build interest in the sequel while screenwriter Dustin Lee Abraham pens the script.

A year later, Red said that if Universal doesn’t pick up the film that he will mostly likely shoot it on his own. “We gonna do our own movie under our own s--- and it will be heavily marijuana related,” he said in an MTV interview.

This will probably be unnecessary. With several states now legalizing marijuana and since it's  becoming a bumper crop, a How High sequel would be relevant right now. However, since Universal owns the rights to Meth and Red’s characters, Silas and Jamal, as well as the How High name, some things will be changed in the new movie. There will be new character names and a different movie title, but the same story line.

Good luck to Method Man and Redman on their new film project.

Watch Redman and Method Man's "How High Part 2" Video

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