Hip-hop BFF's Method Man and Redman recently discussed their wildest tour stories with 247HH.com. In the video, Meth recounts a tale about two women named Elle and Michelle, drinking on the strip in Memphis, getting chased through a T.G.I. Friday's by police and, and how Redman helped him escape a weed charge while the cops weren't looking.

"We was all in Memphis and s---," Meth began, with Red on the couch next to him. "Sports and Music Festival for MTV. Elle and Michelle ... Michelle Dix and ... Elle got married and s--- so I don't know her last name anymore, but they were up there [at MTV] at the time ... It was after the sports and music festival was over, I was feeling some kinda way ... I'm out in the middle of traffic. Now, if you know anything about Memphis -- they got this strip, it goes one way and all the cars, they be swervin' whatever and s---. I'm standing in the middle of the street, with my drinks in my hand like ... real [sings] buh ban duh dan dan ... I look back, cops is comin' up the wrong side of the street, lights blarin'. I go to try and run inside the hotel, but I'm on the side where the T.G.I.F.'s is, I go inside the T.G.I.F. door, through the door to the hotel, I see the muf----- comin through the lobby. I try to turn back around and go back into T.G.I.F.'s, but they locked the door, mothaf-----."

While Red guffawed on the couch, Meth continued to explain that, without even so much as a word, the police officer sprayed him in the face with pepper spray.

"That man walked right up on me, he didn't ask me no questions or nothing. Mase shhhh! Brought me outside, it was packed outside, I'm screaming cause my eyes is burnin', n----- is jokin me and shit, I'm in handcuffs ... I was like 'Ahh my f-----' eye!!!' Any f------' way, the cop was so scared cause all the Ruff Ryder n----- was there, me, Doc [Redman], Sticky [Fingaz], lotta n----- was there. I'm in the cop car, I'm screamin' so much, he rolls the window down ... I had some weed in my back pocket. And I already know that once they get me to the station, they gonna search me and all that s--- and that's another charge."

Meth continued to explain how his partner in crime, Redman, bailed him out. "So I call my G over, [indicating Red] this my G. I call my G over, the cop, there's so much chaos going on, he's trying to keep everybody back from the car, he ain't see this n---- come over. I'm like 'Yo, doc, I got some weed in my back pocket, but my hands is handcuffed behind me. I reach in my pocket, push the s--- through the window, he take it and walk off with it. I got out that morning, I went right through processing and all that, the first two faces I see was Elle, and Michelle f rom MTV. Real s---."

Funny stuff. Watch the after the jump. Red & Meth's 'Blackout! Vol. 2' was released in May.

Redman and Method Man Wild Story-Maced in the Face Switchoff from MCM on Vimeo.