Rapper Meek Mill is back and he’s taking it to the streets in his new video for 'Off the Corner.' The Dre Films-directed clip features the Mayback Music Group artist and his bawse, Rick Ross, recalling their days when they were hustling on the corner.

Throughout the video, we are introduced to the seedy part of town where thugs, hustlers and shooters reside. We even get to see Mill show off his daredevil bike-riding skills.

"Young rich n---- / I flex, look at my neck / Look at my bitch, look at my wrist, got these n----s upset / Who you know blow a mill? Don't even think twice, no sweat," Mill boasts.

Rozay pretty much rap about the same thing, spitting, "Kingpin status when I swerve up on the block
 / N---- like you, you wouldn't even get to cop / 
Get my money dolo, I just need some help to count it / 
I'm the richest n---- outta Dade-Broward County."

Meek Mill is currently working on his second album 'Dreams Cost More Than Money,' which is due to hit the block in the summer.