'90s pop rapper MC Hammer might have been the butt of one the year's biggest punchlines by Jay-Z on the Kanye West track 'So Appalled,' but he also proved to be a strong social media personality with a vast influence. Hammer has been awarded the first Gravity Summit Social Media Marketer of the Year Award and will be presented with his honors at UCLA on February 22, 2011.

Hammer has built a robust following online with over 2 million Twitter followers. He owes his success to his Bay Area upbringing and residence, claiming that Silicon Valley technology has inspired him over the years by giving him an early jump on the Internet, social media platforms and techniques like using streaming video to spread his messages all over the world.

"The Gravity Summit Excellence in Social Media Marketing awards are designed to highlight innovators in this important new communications platform," says Beverly Macy, CEO of Gravity Summit. "We are delighted Hammer has agreed to appear at the event and accept the Social Media Marketer of the Year award. We're equally delighted that Jeremy Blacklow, a leader in this new field in his own right, will be on hand to add his remarks to the event and present MC Hammer with the award."

Hammer recently released a new track titled 'Better Run Run' that was aimed to be a comeback diss to Jay-Z's one-liner in 'So Appalled,' that Hammer took offense to. The two have since ended their beef. Not surprisingly, Hammer announced the news of the single via his Twitter page.

MC Hammer, 'Better Run Run'