MC Hammer is in the spotlight for financial troubles once again. The rapper-turned-search engine creator is being sued by the IRS for money he owes in back taxes.

The 'Too Legit to Quit' rhymer, born Stanley Burrell, reportedly owes $779,585 to the IRS, which stems from 1996 and 1997, the years he experienced severe financial hardship. To catch up on his overdue bill, TMZ reports that the U.S. government is requesting Hammer's concert earnings be directed straight to the money owed.

In 1996, MC Hammer filed for bankruptcy after totaling a $13 million debt. Recently, the 49-year-old Oakland native made headlines for his attempt at making big bucks by creating a new search engine to compete with the likes of Google. WireDoo, a search engine focused on "deep search" and relational topics, is still in its start-up phase.

Watch 'MC Hammer Launching Search Engine'

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