Since his split from ex-girlfriend Amber Rose, Kanye West has been linked to one blonde after the other. However, actress-turned-entrepreneur Mary-Kate Olsen is not one of them.

One week after news broke that West and the pint-sized clothing designer were caught smooching at a New York City nightclub --West was in attendance to celebrate his 34th birthday -- Olsen's rep is crying foul. "There is no truth to the story whatsoever," explained her rep.

Olsen was confirmed as an attendee at the party, but her relationship with the Chicago MC appears to be strictly platonic. Gossip blogger Perez Hilton reported the alleged news, but has yet to retract his "exclusive" story.

West has been linked to several women, including Victoria's Secret model Kate Upton, who he was reportedly spotted getting extra close to at a party in Los Angeles, and a mystery woman who he made out with during the Cannes Film Festival.

The rapper broke up with Amber Rose last year, after two years together. Although he has yet to open up about the split, West took a shot at his one-time love, who is now dating rapper Wiz Khalifa, during a performance at the Coachella Music Festival this year.

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