Mario talks about stress and dealing with adversity in his new song "Pain is the New Pleasure" and lyrically, he doesn't hold back.

"Pain is the new pleasure, losing your direction / Been missing the present / Since you got a new president / I sear this sh-- is evident / I can see the signs / Found it right between my eyes and had to look a little deep to see them thoughts weren't even mine," he sings.

As we reported a couple of weeks ago, the Baltimore singer lost his mother and he talked about their relationship in the new single.

"Ain't talk to my mamma in a while / Cause I got my own demons and damn it I'm tired of feeding / I pray one day I get to hold you," he croons.

Of course, "Pain Is the New Pleasure" is different territory for the 30-year-old, since he's built an impressive career off love songs. On this particular single, however, he suspends the Playboy swagger, opens himself up and chooses to highlight his imperfections.

"The song deals with my thoughts and feelings towards self-sabotage, self-love and the experience in relation to the material world we live in," Mario told Billboard. "The song is really about finding true happiness, and I feel like that's something that can only come from within. The record represents finding that space where you choose to finally love yourself and choose to make better decisions."

You can listen to the introspective cut below.

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