Mali Music soothes the heart and soul on his new single, “Gonna Be Alright.” It’s upbeat song that could bring sunshine on a cloudy day.

Produced by venerable hitmaker Salaam Remi, the song boasts a somber piano groove and a rollicking breakbeat, while Mali Music delivers inspirational lyrics of optimism and faith.

“I got a song to sing / It’s a song about love for you / It’s a song about faith / I see all that you’re going through / It’s gonna be alright,” he sings.

Elsewhere on the song, he introduces himself to those who aren’t familiar with him and the message he wants to bring.

"So let me introduce myself / I go by the name Mali / And it's nice to meet you," he sings on the second verse. "I'm a chill kind of guy / Don't want to hurt nobody / And love is the lens I peep you through."

Mali Music feels his song is very much needed right now as the world seems to be falling apart and people are walking around feeling so alienated.

“Everyone knows that there are two things that are certain in the world today: death and corruption. In the years that have passed, everyone has thrived in the state of crisis," Mali said via a press release. "So, in hopes for the future, I want to let everyone know with 'Gonna Be Alright' that grace abounds steel and everything will indeed be alright."

Check out Mali Music's new song above.

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