Majid Jordan are keeping their eye on the prize in the video for their song 'Her,' featured on their EP, 'A Place Like This,' which dropped earlier this year.

The prize here is a lovely lady, of course. Director Common Good created an alternate universe in the black-and-white video, where the women rock black leotards and wigs. There's eye-catching props used, like a long white staircase that leads to a door suspended in midair. It's all very abstract.

"I got her, in the palm of, my hand / She knows I love her / I got her, thought I lost her, again," they sing.

Clearly, the visuals have a very artsy and left-of-center look, which is vastly different from many of the R&B videos out today. Good avoids all of the usual cliches viewers are bombarded with -- there's no bottle popping or twerking here.

The sheer beauty of the main love interest adds another level of eye-candy, too. She's gorgeous, in an understated, girl-next-door way -- not the jiggly-video-vixen type that's become the norm in videos as of late.

Stream Majid Jordan's 'A Place Like This' EP below.

Stream Majid Jordan's 'A Place Like This' EP