Johnny Nunez, WireImage / Getty Images

Brooklyn rapper Maino has revealed some new details about his forthcoming sophomore album, 'The Day After Tomorrow.' In May, the 'All the Above' MC dropped a new single called 'Let It Fly' featuring Roscoe Dash, which marks the start of the run up to his new release.

"We just gearing up, the campaign is beginning to start," Maino told Get Involved TV of the follow-up to his debut, 'If Tomorrow Comes...' While Maino contends his first album was about his transition from street dude to artist, he hopes 'The Day After Tomorrow' will relay the rigors of the next steps in his artistic development.

"This album is more less about what happened after that," the Brooklyn rapper said, "after the transition, after I actually became an artist and I started going on the road and started to change my life. Now my money is being earned in a different way, my lifestyle is totally different. Everything that I'm going through since that."

One incident that occurred late last year was Maino, born Jermaine Coleman, being issued a desk appearance ticket by the NYPD after he was pulled over for driving with a suspended license near Rockefeller Center.

Maino, who served 10 years on kidnapping charges, hopes any major legal troubles are behind him in favor of those reserved for successful entertainers. "You have this notion of what you think fame is going to be then when you get it, it's like, 'Damn,' it's not cracked up to what you thought it was going to be," said Maino. "You still go through s--- everyday. You go through different problems, you go through different tribulations, different tests. And I want to showcase that now. I want to show you where I've come from, here I am now, this is where I'm going now."

The also revealed that Lloyd Banks, Push Montana and Lil Wayne, amongst others, make appearances on 'The Day After Tomorrow.' The beats on the album are being provided by mainly in-house producers including Mista Raja ('Hi Hater') and G.Q. Beats.

'If Tomorrow Comes' is due in stores Oct. 4.