Maino, a rapper better known for slapping people than publicly displaying his emotions, visibly wept onstage while performing in Hampton Bays, Long Island in April.

In a recent interview with MTV, the Brooklyn rapper explained the tears, saying "It was was so much love. I started thinking about where I've been in my life and how hard it was for me to get here - it's like a miracle."

Maino went on to say that a friend of his had been shot in the back by the NYPD, which added to his emotional state onstage. "I started getting a little emotional, homie, my brother, who is a very important part in my life not just in my career...I can't really say too much about the situation because it's dealing with an ongoing investigation...I've been advised that I really couldn't get into the specifics of the case, you feel me? But the fact of the matter is: The police shot him and it's definitely unjustified, but that will all come out later on."

In the video, you can clearly see Maino breaking into tears while performing 'All of the Above,' a song from his long-delayed debut, 'If Tomorrow Comes,' which is scheduled to drop on June 30th.

Tough love, folks.