Madvillain, the 'America's Most Blunted' collaboration between DOOM and Madlib, are back in action and have contributed a new song entitled 'Papermill' for the Adult Swim Singles Program, so make sure you've got your Dutch Masters and Optimos ready.

The track is a typically muddy-sounding mixture of crunchy drum compression, booming bass and psychedelic guitar figures. Add in a few relentlessly obscure German funk vocal samples, unleash DOOM and that's just about all you need to get things going.

"Be celibate," DOOM raps in his typical slurred, tongue-twisted, stream of conscious delivery. "Out of his element/ Madvillain never forget/ like an elephant ... Stirred not shaken/ Absurd verbs says word to hot bacon/ Wrote this rhyme on a stand of sandpaper/ Worked out the plan and plot for grand caper."

Adult Swim also posted some behind-the-scenes video footage to go along with the track's release. While DOOM is missing in action (what's new), Madlib samples some namesake Intelligentsia coffee and details his creative process and work ethic.

The duo reportedly have a new album in the works but there's no release date or additional information as of yet. Stay tuned to the Adult Swim Singles Program site for new material from Freddie Gibbs as well as many fine indie acts.