Lupe Fiasco, like many artists before him, has voiced disdain over music piracy via the Internet, mainly bloggers posting his tracks illegally. During a recent interview, the Chi-town rapper commented on one blog specifically,, after site founder eskay -- pronounced "S-K" -- reportedly banned his music as a result of an ongoing tiff regarding online piracy.

"First off, the argument I had with Lupe was not about NahRight leaking his songs, it was about him and his cronies accusing one of my fellow bloggers, Shake from 2Dopeboyz, of stealing his songs and attempting to sell them," eskay clarifies to The BoomBox. "This allegation is patently false and I have called on Lupe several times, publicly, to produce evidence to support the claim, and he has failed to do so."

While rumors first surfaced that the popular blog would cease to supply readers with content from the bespectacled MC, eskay says there was no ban in place until he and Lupe exchanged words over Twitter, addressing the rapper's prior accusations. As a result, NahRight is no longer a go-to destination for the rhymer's solo work.

"[Lupe Fiasco's solo] music is banned from the site," the self-proclaimed "Greatest Blogger Alive" admits. "I make exceptions to that ban when he appears on a song with other people because I'm not going to ignore a song with other artists that I respect just because I have an issue with him."

Fans of the 'Lasers' creator may have to turn elsewhere to hear their favorite rapper's material, but the NahRight founder seems steadfast in his decision, considering he believes the rapper stepped to a member of the New Music Cartel -- a collection of blogs including the aforementioned as well as YouHeardThatNew, MissInfo, XclusivesZone and the government-seized websites OnSmash and Dajaz1 -- unjustly.

"Lupe is arrogant and thinks that he can make false accusations about the same bloggers that helped him become popular by supporting his music with no recourse," eskay says. "Nobody from the New Music Cartel hacks artist's emails for songs, or buys songs from hackers and tries to resell them. We don't operate like that and we don't take kindly for being blamed for leaks that are more likely coming from inside the artist's own camp."

In response to comments Fiasco made regarding website hits lost upon banning his music, eskay states, "10,000 hits is a small price to pay to make a point about what's right and what's wrong."

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