Lupe FiascoChicago rapper Lupe Fiasco cleared the air about his upcoming, highly-anticipated third album via Twitter recently.

"There seems to be a lot ... a lot ... of misconception and misguided info floating around the net,'" Lupe tweeted. "So for the sake of clarity and so that everyone (hopefully) will be on the same page, let me reaffirm and debunk some things and just turn down the general noise that is surrounding Lupe Fiasco ... My third album is titled 'Lasers,' not 'We Are Lasers' or 'LupE.N.D.'"

In actuality many of the rumors "floating around the net" about the album originated with the rapper himself, who described a punk album he was supposed to be releasing, his plans for retirement and alleged triple disc 'LupE.N.D' on his blog. "It ain't just gonna be one album, there are going to be three! It'll be a triple CD!" Lupe wrote in 2008.

Apparently he's finally come back to earth. "Lasers is NOT my last and final album," Lupe assured fans. "Lasers' does not drop in 2009 ... 'Lasers' does not have a release date yet.' Lupe already claims to be hard at work on his fourth album though. Let's hope one of them sees release soon.