What would Lupe Fiasco be right now if he wasn’t a Grammy-nominated artist? That’s what he asks himself on the orchestral track, “Coulda Been.”

Over flutes and orchestral strings, the Chicago native raps about all of the things he could have been if he didn’t decide to grab the mic and spit rhymes for a living.

"I could be thanking the academy / Friend of the family, your man delivering bail / Or I could be the man that delivers your mail / Or I could be taking the stand drinking on L / This could be my third life, my third strike / Or my third wife been garbage on my first mic / I could've got off easy, that n---- deserves life / Or the Orkin man searching for termites," he raps.

We are glad that he chose the rap game as his career path. Lupe has garnered plenty of success since his first album Food and Liquor back in 2006. The 35-year-old rapper just released his latest studio effort, Drogas Light, to lukewarm reviews.

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