Lupe Fiasco is yearning for the old days of hip-hop on the feel-good track, 'Old School Love' featuring English crooner Ed Sheeran. According to the LupEnd blog, this is the first single from Fiasco's upcoming album 'Testuo and Youth.'

The song boasts a melodic piano groove and a rollicking beat eerily similar to Kanye West's productions (circa 'College Dropout').

On the tune, the Chi-City rhymer gets nostalgic as he reminisces about the early days of hip-hop and quieter times in Chicago, unlike today.

"Give me that late '80s early '90s old school / Feeling like my second album, so 'Cool' / Chi-Raq summer looking so cruel / Look shorty in the eye, told me it was no rules / Went to speak but was like never mind / Let my mind just sneak back to a better time / When I was his age and if he's ever mine," he raps.

Lupe takes it back even further on the second verse, spitting, "Analog black vinyl spinning sounding so good / Top down, can't be a classic if it's no wood / If you don't know what, then you new school / Floor model is the foundation for your YouTubes / Model flows off of Fat Boys and Juice Crews / Melli Mel's, Ice-T's, and the 2 Cools / Add a Moe Dee and a Double L / Had to walk 'cause it's hard to run in those unbuckled shells."

Sheeran offers his velvety vocals on the chorus as he sings, "As long as I'm here / As long as you love me Give me that old school love right now."

This is a fantastic song that should help Fiasco garner some major airplay on both urban and pop radio. And honestly, we are graving for that old-school sound as well.

In support of his next project, Lupe Fiasco will embark on the Tetsuo and Youth Preview tour, which starts Nov. 2 in Atlanta.

Take it back to the old-school and listen below.

Listen to Lupe Fiasco's Song 'Old School Love' Feat. Ed Sheeran