In the middle of touring around the country, promoting his 'Lasers' album, Lupe Fiasco made a seemingly unconventional stop for a performance at this year's MTV Movie Awards.

The Chicago native linked with Trey Songz to perform his latest single, 'Out of My Head,' for the first time on live TV. "This is the first time we're performing 'Out of My Head,' live together on stage so that's going to be a nice treat for all the fans out there," Fiasco told the BoomBox before the performance, which he characterized as having "a lot of sexiness."

Even with being in an arena full of movie stars, Fiasco's fans are never too far from his thoughts. It was their support that drove his label, Atlantic Records, to release 'Lasers,' which went on to debut atop the Billboard charts selling over 200,000 in its first week.

Although Fiasco says he has "no comment" on his relationship status with the label, he is thankful for the love from fans. "It feels good to know I have that type of support," the Chicago rapper shares. "I put that energy out there and for people to send it back to me, to put their bodies on the line, and skip school to protest for little ol' me, it feels good."

Not compromising his message over the years is a move that Fiasco chose to stick with even when others may have opposed his choice. "That's my strong suit. I do that the best," he says of his positively charged lyrics. "I do that naturally. Naturally I try and push positivity out there, with everything that I do. I want the words that come out of my mouth to have positive background; entertaining but in a positive way."

Watch Lupe Fiasco and Trey Songz Perform 'Out of My Head'

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