A couple of weeks ago when Lupe Fiasco remixed J. Cole's "Everybody Dies" and was accused of being antisemitic, he announced his retirement and said he was done with music.

Evidently, something made the Chicago rapper do an about face, because he recently gave a release date for his album DROGAS, now called DOGAS Light and it'll be out on February 10, 2017.

The way it appears, Lupe renamed the album, because he didn't want to put the original version out on Atlantic Records, his label.

"He said he could never fully give himself to an album while with Atlantic, so the real 'DROGAS' will be released after light version with Atlantic," wrote a fan on Reddit, who attended a concert of Lupe's in Cleveland.

For now, there's no word from Lupe on whether he plans to put out a non-light version of the LP, or if he'll stick to his guns and continue to battle it out with his label.

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