Lupe Fiasco's outfit for the 2013 Grammy Awards was weird.

What exactly was he wearing? Your guess is as good as ours. It looked like some sort of kimono-style suit. Or... something.

"I got on the Y-3 ninja [shoes]," he said in a red carpet interview. "It's the Y-3 fashion show today in New York. It's one of the only events other than the Grammys that I consistently go to. It was either the Grammys or the fashion show. So I figured I'd bring the fashion show to the Grammys."

Fashion faux paus aside, the controversial MC was in great spirits before the awards, where he was nominated in the Best Rap Album category.

Though he eventually wound up losing out to Drake's Take Care, he did manage to announce the title of his new record, which he's calling Tetsuo & Youth.

As BET News points out, the title may be inspired by Tetsuo: The Iron Man, a Japanese cult film about a man who metamorphoses into metal, released back in 1989.

Considering the way Lupe was dressed last night, the album title makes perfect sense. Regardless, we imagine it will be top notch.