Luke Christopher's fans are winning right now. The rapper has released two new EPs: YSTRDY and TMRW.

YSTRDY features remastered versions of previously released tracks from the California-bred artist, including the love song "They Know" featuring singer Treasure Davis. The second effort, TMRW, focuses on moving forward with all new music. Luke is clearly following the theme of yesterday (the old stuff) and tomorrow (a fresh start).

The ByStorm Entertainment signee (the same imprint Miguel and Treasure Davis are supported by) showcases his versatility by switching from singing to rhyming. This talent is best heard on TMRW's first track, "Never Been."

"Hey baby I know you're fly / But the world ain't really ready for ya / Just be patient and one day you'll make it / But if not, yo baby, I'm a superstar / I could show you a world where you never ever been / Never ever been, never ever been," he delivers before his swoon-worthy verse.

"If you had just a sip of Hennessy would you remember me? / 'Cause I know how hard you try to forget how we ended things but / look baby I know you're fly and I'd / like to tell you that you're always on my mind," Luke rhymes.

The MC has yet to release his debut album despite plans to do so earlier this year. But The Boombox got some insider information on a collaboration he hopes to secure in the future.

"I definitely want to do some features, but I want them to be unique. So I don’t want to go to the one who everyone’s getting all the verses from for verses sake. I would do a feature with James Blake. I want him on the album. I would get Andre 3000 on it. I might get Chance the Rapper on it. You know, just do the left-field features that are not the cookie-cutter, obvious features, and just really have them really kill and bring something totally unique to the record," he said.

Get into Luke Christopher's new joints below.

Listen to Luke Christopher's YSTRDY EP

Listen to Luke Christopher's TMRW EP

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