Luke Christopher can do what many artists have failed to achieve: sing and rap with ease. The rapper with the soothing vocals and production savvy delivers a new track for your listening pleasure with "Upside Down."

The Los Angeles native kicks off with song with a falsetto before breaking into his verse over the bass-heavy beat that is guaranteed to get your head knocking.

"You ain't let me in so I know your father home / But all I really need is some time with you alone / And for you to pick it up anytime I hit the phone," he raps.

But the multi-talented crooner switches up his flow and finds himself in a place he's unfamiliar with as he's waiting outside of his girl's house because "usually I don't chase the girl."

The hook hits and it ends up to be the cutest thing as the L.A. rapper points out that "N----s want bitches" and "bitches want money" but he doesn't know what to do because "I just want you."

The effort has already gained positive reviews from fans on social media.

"the music break in Upside Down have me restartin the track every time," tweeted one fan, while another called it absolute fire with a flame emoji.

Take a listen to Luke Christopher's song "Upside Down" below.

Listen to Luke Christopher's "Upside Down"

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