Though he refused to confirm or deny the accusations made against him, legendary Miami rapper and 2 Live Crew frontman Uncle Luke recently addressed the video that his daughter, Lacresha, posted on YouTube, claiming he abused her mother.

On the red carpet at VH1's Hip Hop Honors, where Luke was being honored for his contribution to hip hop, Shade 45 radio personality Angela Yee asked Luke to discuss the allegations.

"I haven't even looked at it," Luke said. "I just hear people talking about it, but that's like a family matter and I don't want to discuss that. I just hope that the record label didn't put her up to that."

In the video, Luke's daughter claims he physically abused her mother for years. "Abuse? Yes, that was him," Lacresha said. "He even like, shot her in the leg, I think... He used to beat her down 'til she couldn't even move or walk. At the age of three, he kicked me and my mother out the house. What kind of father is that?"

Lacresha later posted a followup video somewhat apologizing for the accusation, and claiming that her first video was a "cry for help," though she continued to attack Luke for not claiming his children and being "more worried about a football team than his son."

Meanwhile, Luke also confirmed that 2 Live Crew will be reuniting for a national tour. "We buried the hatchet, whatever hatchet there was to be buried, and we just started talking about doing a tour for the fans. It's really for the fans, 'cause if it was something that nobody wanted to see I wouldn't be doing it."

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