Major League Baseball has announced that it is teaming with the Atlanta Braves to sponsor the four-day Civil Rights Game Week. As part of the festivities that will pay tribute to the men and women who fought for equal rights, Braves fans will enjoy a free Ludacris concert after watching their home team play the Philadelphia Phillies in May.

"I'm a fan of baseball, and I am honored to be a part of MLB's family and tradition of being a pioneering organization for civil rights, social justice and equity," Ludacris said in a statement about the event. "I have studied the strides made in baseball and in sports, and the impact they have had on social issues affecting race and race relations in America. The Civil Rights Game Week is a celebration of those achievements and a reminder of our ongoing responsibility to continue leveling the playing field for all."

The platinum-selling MC is highly involved with charity work, through both his work in support of the Haitian Relief Fund, for which he helped raise almost $4 million, and his own non-profit, The Ludacris Foundation, which recently built a playground for elementary students and gave away 20 cars to financially struggling Atlanta residents.

The Civil Rights Game Week takes place May 12 through 15. Ludacris will rock a one-hour free show after the game between the Atlanta Braves and the Philadelphia Phillies, which takes place at 1PM on Saturday, May 14.

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