A new motorcycle exhibit opens up at the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wis. this weekend, that will feature a customized, tricked out motorcycle owned by Atlanta rapper Ludacris.

Luda was given the bike as part of a promotion with Harley Davidson, Rides Magazine, and his upcoming DTP release 'Battle of the Sexes.'

"You know we're already competitive, so in customizing this bike, in going fast, in living life ... in the fast lane, all of these different things, it goes into 'Battle of the Sexes," Ludacris said about the bike, which can be seen here.

The rapper's bike will appear alongside Harleys owned by legendary actors Steve McQueen and Clark Gable and bikes used in films like Star Trek, G.I. Joe and Wild Hogs. Visitors can also take photos riding the bike used by Shia LaBeouf in 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.'
The exhibit runs until March 14.