Ludacris is not ready to tie the knot just yet, says a source close to the rapper. Amidst rumors that he and longtime girlfriend Eudoxie Agnan exchanged vows earlier this month, a source confirmed to XXL that the story was false.

Stories of a possible marriage hit the media circuit after Agnan changed her Facebook status from "in a relationship" to "married," with no explanation. Celebrity gossip site ran with the story offering congratulations to the couple, despite the fact that neither Luda nor Agnan confirmed the story.

Luda, born Christopher Bridges, has been dating Agnan for over two years, and according to the source, has no plans of getting married. Although he is tight-lipped about his relationship, the two are often seen out and about at various events.

On the music side of things, Luda plans on releasing a new album, 'Ludaversal,' later this year. Over the weekend, he helped kick off baseball season and Civil Rights Game Week with a free performance following an Atlanta Braves game at Turner Field.

The 33-year-old also continues to beef up his acting resume, having starred in the film 'No Strings Attached,' alongside Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher, earlier this year. In March, Luda began filming the new comedy, 'New Year's Eve,' which features a star-studded cast including Hilary Swank, Jessica Biel, Sarah Jessica Parker and Halle Berry. The film is set for a January 2012 premiere.

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