Ludacris is following in the footsteps of Diddy, Jay-Z and Dr. Dre releasing his very own line of headphones. The Atlanta native announced the launch his Soul by Ludacris earphones, during a weekend kick-off event at Atlanta's Four Seasons Hotel. "Technology is the future, you gotta have soul," Luda also tweeted to his over 900,000 followers Sunday (Oct. 3).

The sleek black construction, which was co-designed by the rapper, makes for a unique listening experience, and will work on iPads, iPods, as well as play CDs and play HD radio. Three versions of the headphones will be released, as well as two models of smaller earbuds.

This latest business venture marks the next big move in the expansions of Luda's career outside of the rap game. Aside from racking up impressive acting gigs, Luda also owns a restaurant, a non-profit organization, and a brand of cognac called Conjure. Despite running so many businesses, Luda tries to keep it all straight.

"When I'm in Atlanta, first and foremost I love to see my daughter cause I'm a father also, it's hard for me to go a good two weeks without really seeing her," he told The BoomBox of his hectic schedule. "But then, you know, I do have a restaurant, so I make sure I go by there and check on things and if I'm at my house, I got a studio there, so I try to knock out as many verses as I can ... I get in the studio and do things there. And then, make sure everything is cool at the crib! I got mail to open -- that could take a day by itself seeing as though I'm hardly ever home. But you know, Atlanta, it's a lot going on. I got a lot of properties I gotta check on, all different things man, it's so much I can't even remember."

Soul by Ludacris will be released early next year.

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