In anticipation of his forthcoming fifth studio album, 'Nothing But the Beat,' French pop-dance producer David Guetta has released an imaginative visual for his Taio Cruz and Ludacris-featured second single 'Little Bad Girl.'

While the director of the magical clip is as-yet-unknown, the video begins in a quiet bedroom at dawn, then shifts seemlessly to a packed dance club where the 43-year-old DJ ecstatically pumps his fists and "bad boy" Taio Cruz tours the floor in shades, crooning the song's Auto-Tuned hook.

Suddenly, as the world continues to turn (literally, we see this happen!) a group of surfers run to the ocean, and Guetta opts to inexplicably run at full speed out of the club, inciting a small riot of followers from the crowd, grinding to a hilarious stop at the beach, where the shocked Frenchman watches the sun reverse direction.

The night continues when the crowd returns to the club, where Luda suddenly appears, rapping double-time through a megaphone, and the clubgoers sip Vitamin Water. The video then reverses itself yet again, as Guetta stares into the camera, making an unfathomable decision, which we sadly do not get to see realized, as the video comes to its uncertain conclusion.

Will the party ever end? Will our hero find a way to reverse time once again? What mobile device was Guetta using to capture pictures of the girls in the club? So many questions, we can only hope for answers in the next video.

David Guetta's 'Nothing But the Beat' is in stores on August 26, featuring guest appearances by Lil Wayne, Chris Brown,, Usher, Nicki Minaj and more.

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