In music, you don't need a four-leaf clover to be lucky. A few public outbursts, one really great album and an infamous beef; these are all things that can carry an artist for quite a while, whether good or bad. While many say that it's not the best look to be recognized for negative qualities, the old saying goes that any publicity is good publicity.

With St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner, The BoomBox decided to pick 10 hip-hop and R&B artists who have the luckiest careers. Call it the 9th inning, the 11th hour, the second breath of life. Whatever it is, these folks are lucky. Why are they so lucky? You'll find out. So check out the selection below, and maybe their luck will rub off on you. Just to be safe, buy some lottery tickets immediately after reading this.

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Watch 'Lil' Kim's Fashions'

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Lil Kim's Crimes Against Fashion

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