After Jonathan's explosive breakup with Trent, he wanted to get his life in order. And to do that, the new Love & Hip Hop cast member needed to tell his family about the trauma he experienced as a young child while living in the Dominican Republic.

When he was six, Jonathan was bullied because he never conformed to "being a boy." So, his mom sent him to the DR. However, Jonathan told his mom and sister that while there, he was restrained and viciously interrogated about his sexuality when he was six. When he didn't respond in "the right way," he would get electrocuted. His mother was mortified upon learning about the horror her son experienced.

Despite the suffering he went through as a child, Jonathan managed to maintain mental strength, and finally got closure by opening up to his family about his experience.

Meanwhile, the last time we caught up with Sophia Body, she was trying to get patch things up with Jacquae. Unfortunately for her, he was starting something new with Kiyanne, which he revealed to everyone at Karl's fight.

Jacquae introduced the two women, but Kiyanne ended up lunging at Sophia. She was taken away, and later regretted her actions when she talked it out with Jacquae and Mariahlynn. But they didn't expect Kiyanne to suddenly break down and start crying. Jacquae saw her vulnerability, comforted her, and seemed to fall for her even more.

Speaking of Marihallyn, she and Bianca met with Remy Ma to catch up. However, Remy had some important things to discuss. After meeting with Juju, Yandy and Jonathan, Remy found out about Yandy's plans to take a group of them to help people in St. Martin following the hurricanes.

Yandy wanted to bring the younger rappers but also wanted them to get along. So, Remy  informed Bianca and Mariahlynn about the plans, and had a sit down with Bri and Dreamdoll. Even though they were hesitant, they agreed.

But before the meeting, Mariahlynn met up with Rich to talk about Bri. Despite their bad breakup and then the triangle that happened with Cisco, she wanted to patch things up with her former flame.

Although he was still skeptical, he was up to burying the hatchet. He also agreed to talk to Bri about changing her dramatic, fighting ways.

The episode ended with Yandy and Remy's peace talks. After collecting Bianca, Mariahlynn, Dreamdoll and Bri's shoes so no one could throw them, everyone started chatting.

Sadly, that only lasted for about a minute because Bri and Bianca began yelling at each other and soon a fight broke out.

Tune in next week to see how the fight ends and who'll be going to St. Martin!


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