After all the baby making talk throughout this season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Ray and Princess finally got the chance to actually take care of living and breathing child. Thanks to Ray's manager, the newlyweds showed off their parenting skills to each other and proved that they still had a lot to learn but had loads of fun doing it.

The moment put Princess' mind at east yet again. After Ray revealed his low sperm count, Princess took matters into her own hands and hired a fertility Shaman, who inferred that the reason they weren't conceiving was because of Ray's negative energy. And this proved he wasn't ready to have kids. However after seeing him with his manager's daughter, Princess realized that Ray, though rough around the edges, would make a great dad.

Meanwhile, Lyrica was still hurting from the fact that Moniece and Nia were bullying her about being friends with Alexis. But Alexis told her not to pay the ladies mind, especially after she had fight with Moniece. According to Alexis, Moniece came out of nowhere one night and that she took care of business. However Moniece had another version of the story and told A.D., Nia and Mr. Ray that things ended with Alexis' wig and wig cap in her hands.

But back to Lyrica, she wanted things to be perfect for her listening party, where she premiered "Don't Take it Personal." Hazel-E and Alexis were on hand to congratulate her, and so did Brooke and her date, Booby. Although A1 and Lyrica questioned Brooke about where Marcus was, she kept her cool and enjoyed time with her best-friend-turned-bae. And then Nia, Moniece and Ray arrived and faced off with Hazel, Lyrica and Alexis. It didn't take too long till the event turned into a bust.

Finally, there's Teairra and her infamous drinking problem. Nikki had been worried about her since finding out about Hazel and Tea's food fight. She confronted Teairra and asked about the drinking, but Tea told her it was nothing. So Nikki explained that she was starting a new makeup line and that she was throwing a party where both Teairra and Hazel would be. She wanted Teairra to show up and be on her best behavior. And although you'd think Teairra would calm down because Nikki's mom was there, she instantly came at Hazel when she saw her.

After seeing what happened at her makeup launch party, Nikki went to her last resort -- Moniece. Despite their past issues, Nikki extended an olive branch to ask for Moniece's help in getting Teairra to rehab. And even though Moniece was hesitant at first, she agreed. With the help of A.D., Teairra was brought into what she thought was a party but was actually an organized intervention.

How will she react? Tune in next week to find out.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood A.D.

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