From infidelity and lying to multiple breakups and even jail time, Ray J and Princess Love have been through some major ups and downs throughout their relationship. And despite naysayers, the two tied the knot on the third season finale of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood on Monday night (October 31).

But before the two actually walked down the aisle, of course they went through their own bouts of cold feet. After Ray's mom practically said she wouldn't be happy if Princess became Ray's wife, Princess started to question things. Meanwhile, Ray was still reeling over Brandi's tea regarding Princess' meeting with a lawyer for a prenup. Things eventually came to a head when the couple began arguing -- first at their rehearsal then at their combined bachelor-bachelorette party. After arguing in front of everyone, Ray called his boys and walked of the party and were set to hit up a strip club. However, he didn't go to the clubs. Instead he went to his parents' place and really thought about what he was going to do. His realization? He loved Princess and wanted to be her husband.

So the next morning, he tried to explain things to his fiance, but it didn't seem like she was having it. But after her bridesmaids explained that she shouldn't be mad on the big day, she realized that she needed to talk to Ray. Meanwhile Ray was telling his groomsmen, who included The Game, about the prenup. But when they found out that the only stipulation would be that Princess would walk away with their dogs if he cheated, the guys laughed at him and said that wasn't a preunp at all. Finally Princess came to his door and told him that she was happy to marry him. He was so happy and told her to go to the courtyard for her surprise -- her dad. The reunion brought Princess to tears and made her realize that Ray really did love her. The two finally made it down the aisle in a lavish Coming to America themed wedding that included a huge bridal party and the dogs in a wagon.

After they said "I do," the venue turned into a beautiful and poppin' reception. And to top off the love fest, Brandy sang Etta James' "At Last" for the newlyweds' first dance. And the two lived happily ever after -- at least for this season finale.

Although last night's episode focused on the lavish wedding, we got a peak at the cast's final thoughts. But first a few of them made some breakthroughs when it came to their problems. First, there's A1 and Lyrica's mom problems. After the big hug between Pam and Lyrica G in last week's episode, the ladies really had it together for Ray and Princess' wedding and actually enjoyed hanging out together with their kids by the end of the episode.

Then there's Teairra Mari and her legal problems. While she still had to go through the trail regarding the alleged assault of her Uber driver, Teairra and Nikki had a serious chat. Nikki revealed her worries about Teairra and her drinking. Not only did she want Teairra to go down a dark path but also wanted to make sure that her friend didn't end up like her late brother. Considering the fact Nikki made sure to keep her composure throughout the season, she broke down, which also made Teairra cry, once Nikki told her that she needed to lay off the drinking.

Despite the emotional moment with Nikki, Teairra wasn't set to go to rehab for her drinking. However, she promised to get her legal and professional affairs in order. And at the end of the episode, she went to trial. What's the verdict? According to Bossip, it went to mistrial. However, we'll get the story during the reunion episodes, which premiere next week.

The episode ended, as all season finales commenced, with some final words from the cast. While Brandi, Lyrica and Masika were set to focus on their families, Moniece was ready to get her breasts done. And despite all the drama this season, Nikki and Safaree were set on building a professional and romantic life together. Then there's Shanda and Willie. Although Shanda was still set on having Willie out of the house and focusing on herself, her husband was determined to get his wife back.

The third season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was definitely a wild ride, but it's not over just yet. Tune in next week to find out what happened during the first of the two-part reunion special.

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