Despite all the drama that has gone down on Love & Hip Hop, it's nice to see that this season there's actual love being celebrated. And the love between Ray J and Princess is in the spotlight this season. Over the past six episodes, Princess had been tirelessly planning her and Ray's big day. And although Ray promised to be there for the important stuff, he failed time and time again to show up for their various vendor meetings -- like last week's cake tasting. Ray explained that his focus was on Scoot-E-Bike because he's trying to make money for the wedding and their future. And while Princess understood that, his absence in all of the planning brought her to a breaking point. So when Ray showed the new Scoot-E-Bike billboard featuring the couple, she didn't care and left him in the middle of Hollywood.

Despite her frustration, Princess couldn't hate Ray for too long. But she did want to teach him a lesson. So during the opening of Scoot-E-Bike's flagship store, she arrived with a minister, who had a marriage certificate in her hand, and told Ray they should get married right there and then. Taken aback, he tells Princess that he wants an actual wedding and promises to give a 1000% to it. Words are just words. So we'll see if keeps that promise, but props to Princess for scaring her man to do what she wanted. Happy wife, happy life, right?

Teairra Mari had been sitting in the background for a lot of the third season. However, this week she was ready to tell everyone what she wanted to do with her life -- get back into music. So she met up with friend and collaborator Brian Michael Cox to talk about getting back into the studio and working on a new album. Brian told her that, at the moment, people think she's crazy considering how she's been portrayed in the tabloids over the past few years. However, he felt that if she put out good music, it could change people's perception of her.

But before she gets back on her music game, Teairra had to deal with an old altercation she had with an Uber driver last year. She was arrested for beating up her Uber driver in July 2015. Not only was she banned from the car service but also could be facing jail time. While her friends are concerned, she was willing to accept her fate because she knew what she did was wrong.

Rosa was still hurting from what went down between her and Nikki and she took her anger out at the gym, where she met up with blogger extraordinaire Jason. She apologized to him for not listening about Nikki's creeping. However, she explained that she wasn't going to let their breakup mess with her business since Nikki's new line of lingerie is launching at Rosa's shop.

After her falling out with Rosa and Safaree, Nikki didn't know where she stood with either lover. However, that didn't stop her from not only only celebrating her birthday with Teairra and Shanda, but also doing the event with Rosa. However, she completely lost her cool when Rosa rolled into the party with Carter, her workout partner. Nikki immediately tried to hit on Carter, then bash Rosa for downgrading on her date choice and then she kept telling her that they weren't together in the first place. If you wanted to see someone spin a situation to make them look like the victim, Nikki's your gal.

Lyrica and A1 were so happy in their new married life and are even more excited to move into their new house. And how did they celebrate this happiness? By throwing a housewarming party. But this wasn't any typical soiree. Instead it was the moment they announced that they got hitched.

Although everyone was excited about the news, Mama Lyrica G didn't take it too well and quickly threw her champagne flute on the floor. And in front of all the guest, an argument ensued, which forced Lyrica G to walk out of the party.

Following her meltdown at the housewarming and reception party, Lyrica G came back to their house to talk to A1. But instead of having a conversation, she blamed A1 for the whole elopement and even shattered a frame containing a photo of the two at the wedding. While A1 could have lost he cool, he quickly and politely asked Lyrica G to leave. She wanted her dogs but instead walked out, and we know that's not the end of this problem.

Finally, it's Brandus' birthday. And even though Brandi went all out to throw her song the best birthday party ever, all she could think about was where Max was. Despite being late to the party, Max did show up because it's his son's birthday and couldn't miss out on that moment. And the best part? He's finally coming home! Although he and Brandi had a lot to sort out, she's relieved that her family is complete again.

But are Brandi and Max okay again? Tune in next week and find out.