Last week, we were left with a cliffhanger as Joe Budden proposed to Tahiry in Times Square with their family and friends watching. Unfortunately, he doesn't get the answer he thinks he deserves. Tahiry tells him that love involves trust. “I don’t trust you,” she says. Joe claims he's different from the man who once hurt her, but she isn’t fooled by the ring and the velour suit he's wearing. So there will be no wedding bells for these two.

Joe expresses his disappointment to his mother, and she tells him that Tahiry might eventually “become willing.” But she should stop feeding him dreams. Tahiry says she's officially tired of Joe and that there is nothing left for them. “I didn’t see this day ever coming,” she states. “But it’s life.”

Meanwhile, Cyn has forgiven her boo Erica Mena for her confusing behavior during these past few weeks. Erica throws her a surprise birthday party and everything seems sweet for now. But a few days later, during a release party for Erica’s sex book, things start turning sour again. Rich Dollaz shows up to support her but only causes drama. She gets all puppy-eyed for him. “I will always love you. You like a strong part of me,” Erica says and they get close.

Cyn comes over and isn't feeling their interactions. She tells Rich that she always thought he was "corny" and he starts going off on her. “I think you’re a bird for who you are. In reality, I let you borrow Erica,” he says. “Rich leave!” Erica screams. He walks out but she follows. When they get outside, Rich grabs her face and says in her ear, “Stop playing this game. I’m here.” He then kisses her aggressively. Cyn steps outside, visibly frustrated, and yells, “I’m not going to deal with this.” And Rich finally walks off.

Saigon is still determined to have himself and Erica Jean live together so their son can benefit from having both parents around in the household. But first, he must go through her father to get his blessings. He arrives with flowers to Erica Jean's house. His father asks Saigon to explain how he plans to be a better father and he finally asks if Erica Jean could move in with him. “As long as she don’t get hurt,” her father says. Erica believes Saigon a.k.a. Steven has been making some big strides and they even decide to make their relationship official.

Peter Gunz is still trying to make sense of his relationships. He's been reflecting about the real talk he had with Saigon about finally getting on “his grown man." He says its finally time to upgrade Amina’s studio apartment and they go looking for a new place. She mentions babies and a family, which has Gunz tripping. “This is happening fast,” he complains. But Amina is confused because this is the dream he sold her. He doesn't want another set of kids.

Later, Gunz visits Tara and wants to officially apologize for his actions. “I rushed into something that maybe I should not have rushed into and it cost me my family and my kids,” he admits to her. “I'm trying to own the situation and say goodbye. If I care anything about you, I got to let you go.”

It looks like this chapter is closed for good.

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