Capping off a season of laughs, tears and the explosive fight or two, the cast of 'Love and Hip Hop Hollywood' get together for the second part of the reunion special on Monday night (Dec. 7).

When we last left the reunion special, Moniece Slaughter, Brandi Boyd, Shanda Taylor were getting into a heated argument and were ready to go at it. And this week, we watched the ladies get into one big fight, which forced so much security to come in that you didn't know who was involved in the melee. What made this more interesting was that Princess Love even got into it.

The commotion was so bad that Nina Parker had to take a break. However that took us backstage where Moniece was going through an emotional tantrum. But who comes to calm her down? Rich Dollaz. And no matter how much he lectures her, Moniece listens and shows his love for her. But remember, they're still not back together. When they all came back onstage, everyone gives their piece of why they're upset with Moniece while she sits there silently. However Teairra Mari comes to her friend's defense.

Meanwhile Jason Lee, who seemed to only be on the show to get into scuffles with people, made an appearance on the show to apologize to Hazel-E.

However, it's clear that Hazel won't take it. But Ray J, who is all about redemption on this reunion, takes it all to church.

Tea is finally in the hot seat about the time when she crashed Nikki Mudarris, Princess, Milan Christopher and Hazel's show. While it's clear that everyone was upset about what she did, Milan pointed out that with all the blogs there, no one could really express their true feelings about it. However Nikki and Hazel both still had love for Tea no matter what crazy foolishness she brings to the table.

Soulja Boy and Nia Riley were the next ones in the spotlight. With all the "road treats" Soulja talks about, one has to wonder whether they are in an open relationship. However both of them shut it down. But even when Nina grills him more about it, his roundabout answer kind of alludes to the fact that while he loves Nia with all his heart, he still gets to eat some cake, too.

Nas, Nia's former friend and still one of Soulja's lovers, is also in the heat seat and reveals that she and Soulja hooked up two months prior. This automatically puts Soulja on the defensive and starts yelling that he loves Nia and that in the end it's all about the paper.

And when we thought Soulja's random comments about money would stop any kind of fight between Nia and Nas, the two get into it and force security to jump onstage again to pull the ladies away from each other and carry them offstage. Since they're both gone, Nina diverts attention to the fact that Soulja's facial tattoos are gone, which he admitted he's been getting lasered off recently.

While Miles Brock delved into his coming out in last week's episode, Nina brings to light his relationship with Milan. And after a heartfelt speech from Milan regarding the difficulty of coming out, he revealed that he was planning to propose to Miles that night and even pulled out the ring.

However, he also brought up the fact that it's no longer happening because Miles apparently has been cheating on him with another man. And by the end of Milan's talk, he sets the ring down on the ground and walks offstage. Meanwhile Miles says he's done with Milan and kicks the ring away. At the end of that segment, we find Milan in the dressing room and breaks down.

After the commercial break, Milan is back on the stage to not only talk about his relationship with Miles. However, he also talks about how it was groundbreaking to have him, as an out gay man on the show, as well as Miles and his coming out.

But when asked about Miles and their relationship, Milan is just disappointed about all of this. Then the two start fighting onstage -- with their words not their fists. And by the end of it, we all know they're done.

Shanda and Willie Taylor had their chance to talk about their issues regarding her quick to return to the pole. And while it was clear that Willie was mad about it, he loves his girl, and nothing will change that. And when Nina asked Shanda if she would ever return to the pole, she said she hung up her shoes -- but you just never know.

And there you have it. Another season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood is in the books. But if you're going through some withdrawal, don't worry, because a new season of Love and Hip Hop will premiere on Dec. 14 at 8PM ET. So be sure to tune in for that.

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