Now that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has come to a close for the summer, it's time to kick off the fall on the West Coast with Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. After all of the craziness that went down during the first season, there's inevitably more drama happening in the Golden State this time around.

Last night's premiere episode began with a beachside catch up session between Teairra Mari, Moniece Slaughter and Apryl Jones. Teairra looks rejuvenated following the Ray J drama last season and Moniece is all smiles because she is currently in love -- but she doesn't want to reveal her lover's name just yet. The conversation quickly turns to the gossip surrounding Princess Love, Ray J's current girlfriend who landed herself behind bars. Teairra looks smug hearing the news but isn't the happiest when she finds out Apryl has been hanging out with her because they have a common circle of friends. Apryl lets her know they are both welcome to her party and the singer says Princess needs to stay away from her.

Hazel-E had her own fair share of issues last season, but coming back to L.A. after her grandfather's funeral, she has a new renewed outlook. The focus is on herself and she's taking advantage of every opportunity. She meets up with Milan Christopher, a producer and friend who was the first to call her when he found out about the death in her family. She also reveals that Teairra contacted her to send condolences. Hazel then begins speaking about Milan's relationship. Ge wants to settle down and have kids already. However, he and his partner haven't made things official. So this is a conversation that really needs to happens soon.

Ray J and Princess are up next and we get more information about why the latter was in jail. The two went to New Orleans for a business trip and after Princess caught Ray trying to hook up with strippers in a hotel room, she went on off on him. The incident left her in handcuffs since Ray is on probation and she took the fall. At this point, Princess says she's done with him, but Ray wants to make things right with his girlfriend. They meet to discuss the stripper incident and she lashes out about his cheating ways -- Ray can't get a word in. Although their first conversation post-NOLA doesn't go well, he tries to talk it out with her on his yacht (of course) and explains that he's addicted to the turn-up lifestyle. What does he need to do so she'll move back into his house? She tells him to get rid of his extra apartment. Surprisingly, the singer agrees.

Now, the moment that many have been waiting for. Teiarra and Princess come face to face. Everyone knows they've had issues since the latter began dating Ray J. So when Apryl, Teairra and Princess get together for some pampering at the nail salon, the tension is certainly felt. Princess explains what happened with the tabloids and that Ray told lies about what happened in NOLA. Tea can't help but back down and feel for her because she's gone through the same thing. Princess has a right to be mad and not okay all the time, according to Tea. Her words make Princess tear up. And by the end of the conversation, the two hug it out. While we're not sure if they'll be great friends, at least that beef is over.

Meanwhile, Omarion is back to performing onstage and things are really going well with his music career. With all of the good things going on, he's just happy to have a great family. Apryl is at the club to support her man but heads over to meet up with Nikki Mudarris, who admits she's "single as a dollar bill." After Nikki talks about her lingerie line, Apryl admits that her sex life with Maybach O isn't going too great. With the baby around, they're just too busy to get it on. So what's Nikki's solution? A quickie before Omarion gets onstage -- she'll even provide Apryl with some of her new lingerie. So she finally puts her plan into place and interrupts one of his rehearsals to give him a lap dance, tell him that she loves him and that there's a dressing room in the back where they can get down to business.

Moniece wants to keep the name of her man on the DL, but she lets the cat out of the bag when she meets him up at the airport. In one of the most shocking moments of this season 2 episode, we find out that her new boo is Rich Dollaz. Now we all know his history on the Love & Hip Hop edition in New York City, especially last season and his drama with Erica Mena. He explains that he fell in love with Moniece due to her "sense of humor" and thinks this relationship could be the real deal. Rich admits that he's been around the block a few times, but since he's getting older, she may be the right person to turn him into a one-woman guy.

Things move over to rappers Miles Brock and Amber Hunter, who are in the studio laying down some verses. They both explain in solo interviews that they've been together on and off for quite some time so there's a strong love between them. But Miles isn't in love with Amber anymore; he has more of a sisterly kind of love for her and is in love with someone else. This episode is all about relationships with this one a bit more complicated than the rest. Miles and producer Milan are actually dating, but the rapper hasn't come out of the closet to anyone. Afraid about the future of his career if he reveals he's gay, Miles does his best to explain himself. However, Milan wants to be open about their relationship or he's calling it quits.

Since Ray J promises to get rid of his extra apartment, he can't let it go without a proper stripper party. But of course, he keeps that a secret from Princess and tells her he's working late. Unfortunately for him, one of Princess' friends asks her if she's going to the party. So when she heads over to Ray J's crib to find out what is happening, she gets angry once she sees the debauchery going down inside and throws a drink at him. The singer admits this is just a final fling before he lets the apartment go. She's clearly not buying it. The drama continues once one of the strippers tells Princess that her feet are "crusty." Within seconds, Princess has her shoes off and charges at the woman to give her a beatdown. Princess lets Ray J know she's done with his lies.

But is this the official end for their relationship? You'll just have to tune in next week to find out. If you want to witness Princess throw some punches, watch the season 2 premiere here.

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