It looks like that Martin reboot is really going to happen.

Tisha Campbell-Martin has been heavy on the promo circuit, getting the word out about her starring role in the new Simone Biles biopic, and in the process has let it slip more than once that the rumors about a possibly reboot of the classic 90s series was in the works.

“I can’t tell you…It has been an honor to be Gina all these years. So….I can’t tell you guys anything. But it’s very exciting,” she told Hip Hollywood earlier this week (see video below).

 Yesterday, TMZ caught up with Campbell-Martin (Gina), Tichina Arnold (Pam) and the show's star, Martin Lawrence, and asked them about the Martin reboot talk as they exited from having lunch in L.A. Again, there was no official confirmation but it's pretty obvious it's going to happen.

Arnold said something about "new beginnings" and "change" while Campbell-Martin got straight to the point and said "We can't tell y'all shit," which essentially confirms there's something to tell.

Later in the interview, Lawrence again basically confirmed something is in the works, saying that they don't have to do the show the same and it just needs to be funny and "heartfelt."

Of course, the show ended with Campbell-Martin and Lawrence engaged in a big feud, that has apparently since been squashed. While theres' no word on how amends were finally made, in 2016 Tommy Ford, who played Tommy on the show, died at 52 after an aneurysm ruptured in his abdomen. It's easy to speculate that could've brought the cast back together to squash the beef.

As for the reboot, there's no word on exactly when it will air or what the storyline will look like, but fans are definitely here for it. When the show debuted in 1992, it quickly became a staple in black households, catapulting Martin Lawrence to superstar fame. After five seasons, it went off the air in 1997.

Check out the cast interview with TMZ above.


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