Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball is not backing down from his controversial comments he made about Nas in which he said that the rap vet is “outdated” and that Migos and Future are “real hip-hop.”

In a recent interview with ESPNLA, Lonzo tried to clarify his remarks but still maintains his notion that nobody is listening to the legendary Queens MC. “They told me that the goal for the next two months was [to get me to listen] to real hip-hop," he explained. "That’s not gonna happen. And the first person who popped into my head was Nas, because obviously he’s real hip-hop."

“So I’m like, ‘Nobody listens to Nas no more,’ which I think is true, because of my friends ain’t nobody bumping Nas no more," he continued. “No disrespect to him. He had his time, I just think it’s a new time. And then the next question was, 'what is real hip-hop to you?' And I said, ‘Real hip-hop is Future and Migos.’ So that’s how it all went down...everybody went crazy with it, but that’s my side right there.”

Since 'Zo's remarks, Lil B has called him out and threatened to put a hex on him and his Lakers team.

“Lonzo Ball is a few seconds away from being cursed his rookie year on the lakers, nas is hip hop and always relevant, watch ur team,” he wrote on Twitter. He later added, in all caps, “LONZO WATCH UR MOUTH.”

Meanwhile, Nas and Future’s manager, Anthony Saleh, revealed that Nas has never heard of Lonzo and then he dissed him. “Nas has never heard of you & Future thanks you for your support,” he tweeted. “That Oatmeal face n---- thinks he can gain off my guys name before winning a game. I don’t care what team you play for. Family first."

It looks like Lil B might have to put some ju-ju on Lonzo and his Lakers team. We are just saying.

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